Frequently Asked Questions

1- Are These Real Ladies? 

These are real ladies looking for men. They have not been paid or coeersed into becoming a possible candidate. As you have probably seen, many of the sites feature "un-realistic" girls and when you see the meeting pictures or videos, the girls look nothing like the featured ones. Our girls have registered on their on to our site and want to meet that right guy.

2- Why Would I Use Your Service Instead Of Finding A Latin Lady On My Own? 

We take the guess work and heavy expense out of trying to find the right lady. Imagine the expense of blindly going to another country to find, get to know and fall in love with the right lady. We have many options for you to correspond with the ladies. You can carefully review their profiles, email them and even talk on the phone with them through one of our translators if there is a language barrier. Since you have access to all of our profiles, you can can meet as many girls as you would like that are already open to meeting with you. It would take years to meet this many ready and open ladies.

3- Are These Women Only Interested In Rich Men?  

No, we can't really know their motivation, but more often than not, these are simple, practical women from humble beginnings. Like all women, they prefer a mature, financially secure, nice man. Our experience of Latin women is, they are very family oriented. 

4- Is This Like A Mail Order Bride Service? 

Not at all. We do our best to be the conduit of introduction and communication to get you well aquatinted with your potential mate. We do not guarantee marriage or love but give you the needed communication with the ladies to find mutual interest and a long lasting, meaningful relationship.

5- What Makes You Different Than Other Sites? 

Our Site is run and owned by a couple that met in Central America and has been through the immigration process as well as all of the experiences of falling in love with a lady from another culture with language barriers. The husband is an American and was 42, and she was 19. We have been happily together for almost 10 years now and can help you manage the process from A to Z. A marriage to a foreign lady is three times more likely to succeed.

6- Is It Safe For Me To Visit My Potential Ladies Country? 

 If you follow our instructions and are respectful, you should not have any problems. We have spent a great deal of time in Central and South America and know the safe areas as well as the culture. We will arrange both group gatherings as well as private meeting with ladies that agree to a private date. We will do our very best to keep the process safe, fun and affordable for you.

7- What If I Am An Average Looking Guy Seeking A Beautiful Latin Woman? 

Lets face it, people need to be attracted to each other but we have learned Latin women are looking for a good, faithful man. Someone that will cherish them and treat them respectfully. Your chances of finding beautiful, younger ladies are FAR greater in Central America than in the US or most of Europe. We can reference you to MANY cases where the lady is stunning and the man is average looking. You will have every opportunity to charm your potential lady and they are like any other woman, they want to be spoiled and cherished. 

8- Is It Safe To Send Money To The Women?

 We honestly recommend against it, but it is really up to you. Like in any culture, you need to be careful of those just looking to use you for a quick buck. An often used excuse is, send me money and I can meet you here or there. You will often send your money, book your travel and be no-showed. Your best and safest approach is to utilize our meet and greet or our concierges service which allows you one on one dates or arranged meetings with the ladies that you have communicated with and show a mutual interest. 

9- How Do You Get The Women That Are Profiled On Your Site? 

We use local contacts and local marketing to find ladies looking for or open to relationships with foreign men.  Our women are not paid to join the site, nor do they pay a fee. They add their profile voluntarily and are seeking to find love just like you. We do all we can to ensure the women are single, actually interested in meeting a man from another culture and who they say they are.

10- What If I Meet The Right Lady? Is The Immigration Process Difficult or Costly? 

We can tell you from personal experience the process can be a little lengthy and trying. It takes typically 6 to 12 months for the full process. We have experienced people in several Latin countries as well as very reasonable attorneys in the US that can assist in the process. We will gladly refer you to the very people that helped us with our immigration and marriage process. You  can expect to spend $1500 to $2500 for the full immigration process. 



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